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These benefits are provided by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINVU), and are granted through applications with established dates.  One of them is the DS1 Subsidy, which allows the purchase or construction of a new or used home, ranging between 1,100, 1,600 or 2,200 UF, all depending on the tranche to which the person applies.

"The results of the first call for the Subsidio para Sectores Medios DS1 will be available in July.  We will publish them on www.minvu.gob.cl and we will also send an email to the applicants to inform them of the results".

When are the results of the DS1 2021 Grant?

"The results of the first call for the DS1 Middle Income Subsidy will be available in July. We will publish them on www.minvu.gob.cl and, in addition, we will send an email to the applicants to inform them of the results".

When are the DS1 2022 results?

The same Minvu informs that the results of the DS1 2022 Subsidy will be announced during the month of January 2023.

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One aspect to consider is that the subsidy money is not received directly by the beneficiary family that rents a house, but by the landlord (the owner of the property). This money covers a percentage of the rent and the rest is paid by the beneficiaries themselves.

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The list of the more than 3,000 people who benefited from the Rental Subsidy is available on the Minvu website. It is important to remember that this list corresponds to May, so the list of those who applied later, up to July 25, will soon be revealed.

To find out if the housing subsidy was awarded, the user must go to the web page www.minvu.gob.cl/subsidio-de-arriendo-llamado-regular-2022/ and click on the option "First selection list May".

In addition to the money, the Rental Subsidy includes important flexibilities and advantages. On the one hand, it is compatible with the applications for the DS1 Subsidy for the Middle Class, whose new process will be available in October.

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The initiative arose from the coordinated work between INDAP and the Municipality of Cartagena through the Prodesal Program, which seeks to expand markets for Family Farming and allows them to add value to the wide variety of products they offer, ranging from seasonal fruits and vegetables, to herbal medicine, ornamental plants, products derived from beehives and poultry production, among others.

"We are grateful, because this allows people to look for us, customers come to buy their products here. It has been wonderful, this encourages us to have better products. As a group we are very united, I like this Farmers' Market where we also have a lot of collaboration from INDAP and the municipality," said the farmer leader, Guadalupe Hernandez, who is dedicated to the production of medicinal herbs, ornamental plants and essences, with her enterprise Afloraluz.

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This fair event that benefited 8 farmers, INDAP users, operates every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 hours, on Pablo Romero Street in the town of Lo Abarca and every other week (every other week) on Fridays in the Plaza de Armas Vicente Huidobro in Cartagena.

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